We made it.

Whether you bought into the idea that 2016 was cursed, and spent every day since January rewatching Harry Potter and listening to David Bowie or not, it’s still good to see a new year.

The ultimate Monday

As a society we seem to have developed the idea that the best time to start afresh is Monday. The diet, the best intentions, always restart again on at the beginning of the week.

A new year is that ultimate Monday and a new opportunity to start again or expand on the parts of your life that you really want to grow.

Those areas include your business, your work and your relationship with it.

You can ‘new year, new me’ the hell out of your life, diary, social media and pub conversation and start something completely from scratch – no judgement here.

You can decide you’re fabulous as you are and do nothing but endeavour to stay exactly the same.

Or, like most of us, maybe somewhere in between.

Embrace it

Start that new business. Ask for that promotion or dream contract.

Spend more quality time at home.

Stop being afraid of showing the world the personality of your brand and the reasons why you heart skips a beat when you think about it.

Make everyone believe that you are the inspirational person they need in their life, whether personally or professionally.

The Walsh Creative resolutions list

At Walsh Creative our aims for the year are short and simple:

  • Squash all fears – those leaps that we as humans are scared to take, we’re leaving those at the door this year
  • Push the boundaries – who dictates what a blog or a feature has to be? It can be so much more if we think outside the box, for us and our clients
  • Skill up – A spare five minutes on Google is never wasted if it is spent researching in the right way

What about you?

What are your resolutions/aims/goals/post-it note ideas for the coming year.

If they involve up-skilling in your blogging and writing technique, giving more time to bragging about yourself or building your business from the ground up, Walsh Creative can give you a helping hand.

This 2017, if you want to be heard, let Walsh Creative find the right words


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