It’s June.

I’m not quite sure if that has sunk in yet.

By that I mean sometimes I still write 2012 on things. Hello June

The first day of the month to a business person (especially writers who are always looking for an excuse to start a fresh) is like every Monday to a diet. A new chance. A do-over.

Whether a chance to start brighter, newer, more enthusiastic or just a way to push on to bigger and better things from last month – it starts today.

Today is the day to make your list. In the back of your notebook, a scrap of an envelope, two bullet points, a thousand word manifesto to yourself, printed and pinned on the way.

A list of all the things you want to achieve in the next 30 days (June is 30 – I had to check because I can never remember the rhyme).

I’m talking scary things. Things you’ve been putting off for days… or longer.

Pitch that commission. The worst they can say is no.

Chase up that invoice and email.

Tell your customer that secret about yourself that will make them see you as a real person.

That new piece of technology – just dig in and read the handbook 12 times and you’ll get there.

All these things are on my list.

Many, many, many more too.

June is a four letter word so **** it. Throw caution to the wind and let’s do it.


If you need any help putting your passion onto paper then let me help you create something amazing for your clients and yourself. They deserve to know who you are and you deserve words that represent you beautifully (or strongly, or professionally, or adventurously – however you see yourself is the right way). Tell me all about yourself at and let’s do it together.


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