Recent BforB meetings:

Stoke Ladies – 19th July 2016

Stoke Ladies – 5th July 2016


Business for Breakfast or ‘BforB’ is a networking marketing organisation run all over the world, proven to increase sales and connections through referral marketing.

I first attended in March 2016 and officially joined the Stoke Ladies Only group in Staffordshire in May 2016. Find out more about my first meeting and my decision to adopt the BforB culture here or updates on recent meetings above.

It’s not just a place to pass business – for me it’s an opportunity to be inspired by like minded people. Most importantly for me, that means that my group includes a lot of working mums. Surrounding yourself with people who push you, inspire you, and make you want to be better, all whilst giving you support in a lovely friendly environment – with food – is one of the best things I ever did for my business.

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