What was your most asked question in 2016?

For this Business Blog Friday I am going to change it up a little and talk about the question I asked most often of others in 2016.

Mostly I asked them in they had a business blog, with a variety of responses.

However, whether responses were to the positive, negative or even a wrinkle of the nose, my next question would always be ‘why?’


Because knowing why businesses love or hate blogging – and the answers change all the time – is the key to dispelling any myths.

Sometimes it’s because they love it. They like having a place to express themselves and celebrate with their customers. They’ve already seen the benefit of increased traffic to their website.

Other times a business has a variety of arguments against blogging. It has somehow turned into a dirty word. Something that is better off left to millennials with huge Instagram followings.

It is, but also so much more. You don’t have to be a writer. You don’t have to think of yourself as a creative – even though we all are.

So here are some questions for you to ask yourself this 2017 that might help you answer ‘why?’ and maybe you might change your mind.

What does your business want to achieve this year?

Do you want to reflect more on your business?

Do you want your clients to build a community and/or feel connected to you?

What events do you wish you could celebrate more with you clients?

You don’t have to share any of these answers with anybody but some of the goals that may come to mind can be achieved through blogging.

I promise you, they can.

If you’re ready to share your answers then Walsh_Creative can help you set the wheels in motion – just ask us how.


Join in with us at Business Blog Friday on Twitter using #TheBBFs or your other favourite forms of social media.

Find out more about Business Blog Friday here or out upcoming topics here.


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