“We have a blog on our business website but I never know what to write about.”

“What would anybody want to know about my industry – it’s not very interesting.”

Those are two of the most common replies I receive when enquiring about the blogging activities of businesses.

It’s common to think that your industry, whatever it is, won’t be¬†interesting to customers, both past and present. I’ve heard it said from sectors as far apart as industrial fencing to personal assistants to holistic therapy providers.

Well, in the nicest way possible, they’re wrong.

No matter what your business does, how old or new your services are or whether you appeal to everyday consumers or business to business, those people want to know about you. There are changes, advancements, news, as well as timeless personal insights that only you would be able to share with your clients.

So, if blogging is on your to-do list for the new year, or you’re still unsure if it would be useful, or just need some inspiration to get started I have the perfect solution.

For 2017 Walsh_Creative is excited to launch BUSINESS BLOG FRIDAY.

Every week we will create a specific topic which you can expand on for your business blog. Even if you don’t have a blog currently installed onto your site, Linkedin is also a great place to publish pieces too long for social media.

We will be sharing on Twitter and other social media using the hashtag #TheBBFs.

Take inspiration from the blog prompt, from others on social media and the most important people of all – your customers.

You can find the prompts below so that you have time to factor them into your content plan.

If you want to take part but don’t have the time, or know what you want to say but can’t find the right words, then just holla – Walsh_Creative is here to help.

January & February

March & April

May & June

July & August

September & October

November & December


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