Another Tuesday. Another lunchtime. Another opportunity to mix with like minded women.

There are many parts to any BforB meeting – introduction and house rules, 60 second spotlights available to everyone (including members and guests), a ‘learning point’, guest presentation, food and mingling.

Since I started I feel like I’ve grown into a difference business woman, possibly going through transitions of about 4 other kinds of women on the way. I am almost a 180 (maybe a 150) from the person who turned up at that first meeting months ago.

One thing I never felt like I’d nailed though was my 60 seconds spotlight presentation.

’60 seconds’ gives everybody an opportunity to explain their services, update the group with activities they have been involved with since the last meeting, get their personality across and let everybody know what specific referrals they are looking for that fortnight.

This is also the part that has taken me a while to get the hang of. Who am I? Well that’s the existential question of them all. What do I do? Write – anything, everything. Ilovethewordsandneedtogetthemout. Not quite specific enough. Who do I want to be referred to? Want to buy a word?

Everyone in the group makes it seem effortless. Maybe they don’t have a million versions of themselves floating about in their heads – yes, that really is what being a writer is like.

BforB like to add in a little something to make it even more interesting – the 60 second sensation award. This little cup is awarded to the person with the best 60 seconds of the meeting and is chosen by the previous winner.

Most winners recently have been for poems. The brilliant creativity of these ladies has inspired others to come up with their own poems, or at least even more creative ways of doing their pitch. It’s none competitive but it makes you think. It makes you want to win that little cup. It’s a sign of improvement and a confidence boost that not only are people listening to you, but they see something sparkle in you.

Now, the one and only thing I do not write is poetry. Not since a poem about a hamster when I was 8. I could stretch to a dirty limerick. Somehow I don’t think that would secure the win.

This week I’d been reading some of my favourite textbooks on blogging (who has favourite textbooks? – a writer, that’s who) and found my favourite quote – ‘being a journalist without a blog is like being a band without a demo tape’.

Journalist or business, the same applies:

You may still be blooming good at playing your instruments but not all the people who will enjoy your music get to hear you. Everyone here has amazing businesses so I want you to be as widely heard as Beyoncé.

Other options for music artists were available. Personally I like Nickelback far more than anyone would expect but I didn’t think that would be as relatable.

Couple that with my first ever ultra specific referral and… I won!!

I couldn’t believe it.

Sometimes you don’t even know you need a boost until you get it. There is never be too much boosting.

And this is what BforB is all about for me. Coming together with other women, especially mothers as I am nowhere near the work/life/mum guilt balance yet, and getting that support.

Me and Sarah Wright (The Office Equation) - the previous meetings winner (Picture courtesy of Mel Fisher, BforB UK)
Me and Sarah Wright (The Office Equation) – the previous meetings winner (Picture courtesy of Mel Fisher, BforB UK)

So I am proud of my little cup. I’m even more proud that I finally nailed a 60 seconds, showed myself and everyone else that I am growing, and, most of all, I get to choose the winner next time. Oh, the power.

Thanks, little cup.

60 Second Sensation Award

Want to be the Beyoncé of blogging, or just want to give BforB a try? Email me at


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