British summer finally decided to arrive just in time for this weeks meeting and gifted us with the hottest day of the year.

Hottest Day Of 2016 - So Far

Luckily The Moat House was extra cool and it seemed to be a popular meeting for guests, bringing a bright and cheery atmosphere.

Which was also helpful… because it was my turn for The Learning Point.

I’ve said in previous posts that there are a few layers to every Business for Breakfast meeting including the learning point.

This is a 3 minute presentation to pass on valuable skills from members to the group. Like chicken pox, it comes to all of us eventually. I joke – I actually really enjoy them. From why you should smile to the basics of public liability insurance, they are the most varied part of the day and always useful.

However, it did take me a while to figure out what ‘wisdom’ I should impart. It seemed patronising to tell people how they should write. Plus I only had 3 minutes – and I can rattle for England (and the rest of Europe because Section 50 is activated).

I decided on Teeline Shorthand. The strangest, most difficult, useless yet useful skill I have ever learnt.

Everyone got a sheet with the alphabet on to fill in themselves. Nothing can beat audience participation.

I also included a sheet with ‘Business for Breakfast meeting 12pm’ written on and ‘one to one with…’ and a list of everyones names. My husband has hated shorthand since the very first day I showed him so nothing would give me greater pleasure than for all the ladies to go home and confuse their husbands with cryptic notes on the calendar.

Photo Credit: Sarah Wright
Photo Credit: Sarah Wright

We worked through the alphabet and nothing made me happier than the look of absolute confusion on the faces staring back at me. Beats imagining people in their underwear to help with the nerves.

I have been there. I have been that confused student. Now I relish in the nerdy elements of why each letter looks like it does. What the special outlines are.

Photo Credit: Sarah Wright
Photo Credit: Sarah Wright

Altogether another successful meeting and I actually imparted some wisdom (even if only a little).

I also awarded my 60 second sensation award from last meeting to Angela Henry from M&M Vehicle Repair.

BforB have the ethos of know, like and trust. It is the steps to establishing yourself in any group and growing to get the business you are looking for.

Angela said:

“If you don’t feel like you know enough about me or can trust enough to refer me, then why not book a one-to-one and we can build on I’ll show you how you can like and trust me.” (not verbatim)

It was genius and I think everyone in the room wanted to steal it, and it will probably crop up again in future meetings.

A lovely atmosphere, none of us melted and it broke the ice enough where I might actually enjoy getting up to do my next presentation – maybe.


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